Noah J. Finnegan
Associate Professor


Luca Malatesta
personal website

Sea-level, sediment supply, and river incision in the Oregon Coast Range


Colleen Murphy, PhD Student

Deformation and groundwater flow in a slow-moving landslide

Alex Photo

Alex Nereson, PhD Candidate
personal website

The spatial distribution, persistence, and landscape impacts of slow-moving earthflows in the California Coast Ranges


Allison Pfeiffer, PhD (2017), NCED II Synthesis Postdoc, University of Washington, Virginia Tech.

Claire Masteller, PhD (2017), Postdoc, GFZ Potsdam

Danica Roth, PhD (2016), co-advised by Emily Brodsky, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oregon

Kerri Johnson, PhD (2016), NCED II Synthesis Postdoc, UCSB, UNR & U Minnesota

Christian Braudrick, Postdoc (2014-2016), Postdoc, Utah State

Jon Perkins, PhD (2015), US Geological Survey Landslide Hazards (Menlo Park)

David Santaniello, MS (2015), Sea Kayaking Guide

Rachel Klier, MS (2014), Geologist at Amec Foster Wheeler

Leslie Hsu, Post Doc (2011), Physical Scientist; Community for Data Integration (CDI) Coordinator, US Geological Survey